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StudioDEE Integrative Wellness

Mission Statement

The premiere Mind Body Wellness provider in the Mainline and Greater Philadelphia area, StudioDEE incorporates traditional exercise, holistic lifestyle techniques, yoga and meditation into customized wellness programs. With hands-on guidance, each client achieves total health and maintains an optimal, balanced state of mind, body, and spirit. StudioDEE approaches each client's physical and mental health uniquely, building upon it through adaptive and personalized sessions.

Why Choose StudioDEE?

Exactly what kind of person works with and finds success with StudioDEE Integrative Wellness? Our clients typically share the following characteristics. If these fit you, you are likely someone we can help.

 Our clients are experiencing pain; have an injury, or illness that is getting in the way of doing the things they love. They are looking for modifications to their workout routine, yoga practice, or rehab program that are accessible to their body’s needs and can help them achieve their fitness and overall wellness goals.

They want to experience optimal health and wellness in their daily lives; learn how to create lifestyle habits that maintain a balanced a mind, body, and spirit.

They want to learn and understand their body’s unique constitution; the appropriate diet and lifestyle techniques that will help them thrive in their busy lives and maintain optimal health and harmony.

They value themselves enough to invest in services to be able to do the things they love and that bring them joy.  They search for the highest quality services and providers with integrity that heal not only the body, but also most importantly the mind. 

They value their time enough to dedicate themselves to the treatment plan.  They implement the recommended lifestyle changes knowing that what they are currently doing is not working and they need assistance.

They understand their body is very wise and when they feel pain or in discomfort; the body is telling you something is not right.  They also understand that patience can be a very important lesson while allowing the body to heal.

They desire success and are committed to success.  They know what excellence means to them and they are ready to make changes to enjoy life and experience optimal health.

To experience StudioDEE's unmatched quality and superb customer service at home, work, or on the athletic field visit: