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Dee's Organics History

Why I Chose To Become a Miessence Certified Organic Representative

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I am a mother of 3 young children, a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, a personal trainer, and a holistic health educator. I entered the health and wellness industry in 2003 as a personal trainer and nutritionist. During my nutrition studies I learned for the first time that the food, supplement, and personal product industry had almost no regulations or requirements to disclose ingredients or how they marketed their products. I realized I had to be an informed consumer and advocate for my family and know what I was really putting IN and ON our bodies. My interests broadened from personal training into holistic living. I began making my own skin care products from certified organic oils and essential oils and makings wise choices when it cam to certified organic food and local fresh sources. I became a yoga teacher and meditation instructor with a specialized focus working with cancer survivors and other autoimmune disease populations.

I discovered Miessence while researching another company's product that a cancer survivor inquired about. Miessence was the only company offering food grade Certified Organic skin care, food grade Certified Organic personal care, and Certified Organic Whole Food nutrients. As of 2014 there are zero organic certifications in the cosmetic industry. In order for skincare products to be labeled as Certified Organic; they must meet the strict food grade organic certification. I could not believe that I had been fooled again by the cosmetic and personal care industry. I had recommended several companies and even used the products from companies that used the word "organic" in their ingredient list as well as having Organic in their company name. Companies may legally use the word "Organic" in their company name and in their ingredient list without being certified organic. Miessence is the ONLY company that meets the food standard Certified Organic guidelines for skin care, and Super Food Nutrition.

Once I sampled Miessence's products, I was hooked. I joined an incredible team that aligns with my views on complete health and complete transparency when it comes to what is in its products. If you would like to join this great organization, please contact me at Here is a 30 minute video to learn more about Miessence.

Dee's Organics video

Understanding Certified Organic labeling: Cosmetics, Body Care Products, &Personal Care Products

Dee's Favorites:

1. Vanilla Certified Foundation for Fair Skin: Perfect for my fair Irish Italian skin. I switch to the Honey Certified Foundation during the summer months.
2. Mint toothpaste: Free from fluoride and detergents. This is perfect for all ages, especially for little ones in your life!
3. Deep Green Alkalizing Super Food: Terrific to get a full days serving of vegetables in your diet. I add it to my childrens daily smoothies.
4. Berry Radical Antioxidant Super Food: Another great addition to your breakfast smoothies for the kids or drink as a hot beverage with honey if you are trying to reduce your coffee intake.
5. Sunflower Body Wash: has an invigorating scent of organic orange, lemon, and lime. My entire family loves the citrus smell of the body wash.