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Athletic Training

Dee Person leading a yoga session at the United States Naval Academy Navy Seals Wrestling Camp.

Yoga is an ideal compliment to any athletic training program. From high school competitors to Olympians, yoga is beneficial to all athletes that strive to be at the top of their game. Athletes are know to consistently over train specific areas of their bodies due to repetitive movements within their sports. An area of the body that is over trained will eventually create a weakness and inflexibility in other regions. Yoga for athletes targets the specific areas where the competitor requires increased range of motion, strength, and flexibility. Dee challenges her clients to go deeper within themselves and to re-connect mind, body, and spirit. Yoga for Athletes with take you or team to the next level of competition, peak athletic performance.

Upcoming: Strength and Conditioning
Oct. 3, 2017 to Nov.13
Vill Maria Basketball Team

Athlete Workshops/Seminars/ Classes: Available for teams and individuals

Dee's current and previous clients include:
Swimmers, Runners/Marathoners, Tri-Athletes, Field Hockey Teams, Basketball Teams, Softball Teams, Skiers, Bikers, Wrestlers, Lacrosse Players, Football Players/Teams, and Golfers.

2014 Super Bowl Champions Seatle Sea Hawks:
NFL Team Mandates Yoga

Dee Person, 1991 YMCA National Swim Meet

Dee Person and Bill Kazmeir, former World's Strongest Man Champion and ESPN Commentator, take a moment to compare their guns. Picture taken at MET-RX Navy Fitness Challenge in May 2002, Naval Station Norfolk.